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Critical care is the cutting edge of medicine. Being present at the forefront of such an advanced specialty by contributing to patient care, research in the field or education of future colleagues is demanding but very rewarding. Our patients are coming to the edge what their bodies can tolerate, but we bring them back with an ultimate goal of meaningful re-integration to society.

As a practicing anesthesiologist and critical care physician, I have frequently found myself powerless in an ability to ensure the full recovery of my patients. I want to see my patients enjoying their lives and families, engaging in their communities, and improving their lives. This is my ultimate goal as a physician. A better understanding as to why some of my patients do not experience full recovery after a critical care event would provide me with more accurate prognoses and individualized care.

Recovery requires several elements to collaborate with tremendous co-ordination. The level of connectivity is beyond what we would expect even five years. The science of molecular biology has to work in sync with physician experience and decision-making process while taking place in the scope of the healthcare delivery model and organizational demands. Finally,  medicine is about big data, diet, and physical activity and the income level of our patients. Ubiquitous health informatics and data sharing providing a wealth of information.

My professional activities reflect what I believe in. Medicine is the new unknown ocean. Time to think big and far. The bedside is just not sufficient. Listen to this inspirational speech.

Alternatively, there is an excerpt of LDI intro talk I gave at LDI together with speech.

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