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CURF program

Samuel Beane is currently an undergraduate student at Drexel University, and is studying to earn a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He has not picked a concentration yet, but he is very interested in disease research and the field of genetics. Previously, Samuel was a research assistant at Dr. Saunders’ Lab where he investigated the effects of Guanine Quadruplex mediated regulation of the amyloid precursor protein gene expression in Alzheimer’s disease. Here he was able to run laboratory procedures, both independently and collaboratively with other lab researchers. Additionally, Samuel Beane took part in the SEA-PHAGES course at Drexel University. This was a year long laboratory class that allowed him to gain further knowledge on genetics and bacteriophages, as well as learn higher level laboratory and computer techniques. He is excited to join Dr. Laudanski’s laboratory team as a research assistant and gain more real-world experience in this field of study.