OTH thinking

Over The Horizon thinking is an attempt to outpaced current progress and see what is beyond horizon

What is innovation? What is forward-thinking? When forward-thinking is futurism and when the futurism is becoming science fiction?

The future of anesthesiology as the profession understood as being practice by licensed physicians is uncertain. The future of medicine as we know is over. Several disruptive technologies are coming to the fruition. AI, telemedicine, remote and continuous sensing, quality metric in healthcare, a plethora of choices in providers, and the need for precision medicine is enabled by advances in diagnostic and targeted gene therapy and drug design. This forces will come to play. People demand it. Last year CRISP was used to modified humans for the first time. As much as this experiment seems to be reckless or abhorrent, it also demonstrated that if the technology is invented, then it will be used. For good or bad. Thought the latter one is always subjected to the judgment of the era. Do you remember transplantation? Do you remember declaring people dead on the machine?

Over the horizon, thinking is looking for the solution just before cutting edge. This allows for probing and directing the cutting edge of innovation and research to address the most crucial need in relative terms of achievements.

OTH is different based on perspective. A lot of my students have horizons closer than several of my mentors. That is ok. They will get there…. Visionaries emerge all the time.